Monday, April 21, 2008

best show ever?

i've tried really hard to like gossip girl. i should like gossip girl -- i'm too self-conscious to read trashy teen novels on the train, but a fourteen-year-old girl caught me reading something called "Bratfest at Tiffany's" over her shoulder on a plane last month. a show i can privately and lazily watch from my couch.

so it's disappointing to me that the show is so bad. it's not that its trashy. it's not trashy enough, and not smart enough either. there are too many old people and too many lectures on class consciousness from a 17-year-old who lives in a loft in williamsburg. i got more dirt about upper east side private school kids from taking driver's ed at dalton. sure, i'll watch it if it's on, but i'll watch pretty much anything but keeping up with the kardashians. so new york magazine must be less discerning than i thought, or they're lying to attract more CW ads.

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